About Ingo Money


Lots of companies have been making payments faster, easier and more secure. We do that for deposits. We take the delay and risk out of checks—millions and millions of them—so people can get their money in minutes, as good as cash and safe to spend, and put it any place they want it.

Checks are paper and processing them is slow, which makes them risky, but the money in checks—trillions of dollars every year—is really important to people. They count on it. They need it fast. They need it reliably. We all do.

From freelancers to small business owners, low- and moderate-income families to part-time workers, we work hard to make check deposit instant, easy, reliable and safe so they can make purchases and pay bills with confidence.

No deposit holds. No returned checks. No take-backs. No worries.


Ingo Money was founded in 2001 as El Banco de Nuestra Comunidad®, the nation’s leading Hispanic banking initiative. El Banco combined traditional retail banking, including FDIC insured deposit products and innovative credit products, with non-traditional services such as check cashing services for non-depositors. The servicing needs and underwriting complexity of its exceptionally underserved target consumer segment required El Banco to build specialized, proprietary operational and risk management platforms and develop custom modeling capabilities leveraging an array of non-traditional data sources. Recognizing the growing value and marketability of its core operational and risk management platform to traditional financial services firms and alternative providers, the company sold its branch banking operation in October 2007 to focus on its financial technology servicing and risk management capabilities and rebranded as Chexar Networks, Inc.

Between 2007 and 2012, the company provided check acceptance, decisioning, clearing and settlement services to a growing portfolio of traditional bank clients and alternative financial service providers, while enhancing its infrastructure and platforms to extend servicing to ATM/kiosk and mobile servicing channels. In August 2012 the company acquired Clear Payments, Inc., a mobile deposit capture Check 21 settlement company, to secure the remaining infrastructure required to support mobile check cashing and prepaid card loading services for large financial institutions and alternative financial services providers.

January 2013 marked the commercial launch of the first immediate, non-provisional mobile check cashing service. The service, deployed for H&R Block® through the proprietary Emerald Card Mobile Banking App™, was also the first of its kind in the industry. Similarly groundbreaking, in April 2013 Regions Bank became the first client and the only top 20 financial institution to launch an instant, guaranteed check cashing option in both its image-enabled ATM channel and its mobile servicing channel, a expansion of the branch service it launched the prior year.

Meanwhile, between January and April of 2013, the company’s consumer-direct mobile underwriting capabilities were stress tested and optimized through a broad scale beta test of the network-based mobile service conducted in partnership with Visa® and several reloadable prepaid card providers. At the conclusion of the beta, First Century Bank, N.A. and Ingo Money introduced the Ingo Money App, the first direct-to-consumer mobile check cashing service, which was quickly adopted by more than one hundred prepaid card programs. Coincident with the commercial launch of the Ingo Money service, in May 2013, the company re-branded as Ingo Money, Inc.

Throughout 2014, the company continued to expand its enterprise business and implement platform integration enhancements while deploying its network-based software development kit and co-branded mobile app platforms. It also continued to conceive and assess a variety of systematic, analytical and process-oriented risk management techniques yielding remarkable reductions in mobile channel losses and higher customer approval rates. At year end, the company announced the acquisition of Fuze Network to extend its account funding platform reach to more than one billion payment cards, accelerate deployment of its planned p2p payment and money transfer processing services and support just-in-time bill payment for its clients and their customers. The acquisition of Fuze Network closed in February 2015.

Today, Ingo Money is a leading push payments company enabling a variety of omni-channel fast funding platforms including retail, corporate, banking, and consumer-facing solutions that move money instantly to almost any bank account, prepaid card, PayPal account, credit card or institutional biller.

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